Hi there and welcome to our little corner of the internet!
We’re Megan and Matt – an engaged couple who just can’t seem to keep our feet planted in the same spot for too long. Just a few weeks after we started dating we were already planning our first international trip together and we haven’t slowed down since.  We started this blog to document our adventures and hopefully help others who decide to take the same paths that we do. When we’re not waking up in new cities, we’re at home – in Annapolis, MD – usually making a mess in our tiny kitchen. We spend a lot of our weekends exploring local breweries, vineyards, and new restaurants. The breweries are our favorite as that’s where all the puppies seem to hang out. We hope you will follow along with us and learn about our favorite new places.
Megan and Matt!

Boulder Beach


  1. Lindsay Mooney

    Megan – I miss you already! I hope that FL was awesome. Safe travels to Iceland. I can’t wait to see pictures!

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